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WhiteCub DairyFree IceCreams are creamy-fruity-chocolatey healthy ‘icecreams’ They have been specifically created to fill in certain crucial gaps .There was no ‘icecream’ in the Indian market suitable for people looking for DairyFree and Healthy alternatives. WhiteCub is India’s 1st Cholesterol Free ,TransFat Free and GlutenFree certified DairyFree IceCreams .

Besides, directly serving those people who suffer from Dairy Allergy, Lactose Intolerance, GlutenAllergy , people following CfGf diet ,WhiteCub IceCreams’ production entails smaller Carbon Footprint than those of dairy laden versions .

Unlike a sorbet which is also a frozen dessert and dairyfree ,WhiteCub is creamy and simulataneously also devoid of cholesterol and nasty transfats .What began being sold from a single store initially , is now available in about twenty retail stores in DelhiNCR and also in Mumbai .

On a made-to-order basis ,WhiteCub also does Bakery & DairyFree versions of popular food items like Yogurt ,Butter ,Mylk per se (!!), other Desserts along similar lines of nutrition. Who says ‘only junk food eaters can have all the fun’? WhiteCub easily provides fun solutions to healthy eating .Yeyyy !!

      Journey So Far

2012 - The journey began

The Company got registered and started delivering the ‘icecreams’ straight from the factory

2013 - First Shop

WhiteCub’s parlour opened at a premium location in Gurgaon .We also provided other desserts and dairyfree foods , focussing on our ‘icecream’’s clients’ requirements of the same .Alongside, we gave complimentary ‘nutrition- nuggets’( health counselling, to make it sound more mundane !) to those keen on knowing more .Participation in DelhiNCR’s fairs/ festivals/ events at five-star hotels ,Embassies ,etc. iii)2014- WhiteCub did one more kiosk for the summer season at a premier mall of New Delhi . WhiteCub got supplied at a couple of restaurants

2015 - Entry into Retail

We launched WhiteCub tubs in high-end retail stores in Delhi.

2015-16 Expansion With patrons' support

WhiteCub launched in Mumbai as well in retail stores. Simulataneously catering WhiteCub at marriages/ big events has also happened, one of them having been at Mumbai(got extensively covered in National dailies as well!)


Ms.Sonal, Director ,Compassionate Choices Pvt.Ltd. , is founder and CEO ,WhiteCub .She has spent nearly two decades in propagating the goodness of what she calls Compassionate Food Choices ! Tmes of India publication,Femina recognised this as well and covered her in an article (June 2015) .Often we neglect our own bodies’ core requirement and yield in to whatever so-called edible stuff is available on market shelves if it has been attractively packaged. We often end up ignoring the harmful ingredients or manipulated nutrition information .Eg., an item claiming to be ‘zero Cholesterol’ but simultaneously having Hydrogenated Fats does ultimately harm our system .We ought to remain compassionate towards our own nutrition needs and accordingly indulge ourselves . Besides, such Compassionate food choices are also seen to be Compassionate towards Ecology .

We have incorporated the best of our ancient Indian health systems’ wisdom with the latest breakthroughs in the field of diet and nutrition.


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