A new concept of looking at foods!

1.It exposes us to a whole new concept of looking at foods .Eg., milk need not be always the dairy produce, rather may be made from interesting stuff like Almonds, Coconut,Soy. . .

2.It lets Lactose Intolerant people enjoy creamy ‘icecreams’, otherwise typically available as dairy milk –based.

3.It is GlutenFree certified from FRAC,FICCI Research Analysis Centre.Usually many icecreams do add glutenbased additives.

4.At WhiteCub, hydrogenated fats/ transfats are a big No-No .

5.*Lauric Acid-It deserves a special mention .It is a medium-chain fatty acid predominantly found only in human milk and it is this that imparts antiviral properties to human milk.Infact, presently it is being tested for the treatment of AIDS.Coconut is endowed with generous amounts of same lauric acid.

6.It encourages people to leave smaller carbon footprints .Our ingredients are gentler than the other icecreams’ animal –derived ones on Mother Earth.


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