We as a team are led by Ms Sonal, Director Compassionate Choices Pvt Ltd and CEO WhiteCub. She’s been the winner of the prestigious GOI’s Dept. of Science and Tech’s WEE Foundation Award of Excellence 2017, Cherie Blair Foundation- Dhriiti Award 2017, TIE-Power2 SME Spirit of Manufacturing Awards - Women Entrepreneur of the year 2017. The Times of India publication & the Femina magazine recognised her compassionate choices and covered her in an exclusive article (June 2015).
Our combined efforts have also helped us win PETA Vegan Foods Awards over two successive years. WhiteCub Dairy-Free Ice Creams had been specifically created to fill in certain crucial gaps. Before WhiteCub, there was no Ice Cream in the Indian market suitable for people looking for Dairy Free and healthy alternatives. We are India’s first Cholesterol Free, Trans Fat Free and certified Dairy-Free Ice Cream Brand. At White Cub, we believe that being dairy-free goes beyond deliciousness & we strive to do so with compassion. As a business, we are the proud alumni of Nexus, an Innovation Hub and Business Incubator powered by the US Embassy and ACIR.


We have named ourselves ‘WhiteCub’ as a dedication to the cause of Linda Tucker. She has been involved in the protection of white cubs and their families, from the cruel practices of ‘canned hunting’, in East Africa for the past many years. (https://www.lindatuckerfoundation.org)