South Patio, South City-2, Gurugram

WhiteCub's Parlour at South City-2, Near Nirvana Country. Available in over 20 flavours. Finest Dairy Free Ice Creams. Made from Coconut, Almond and Soy Mylks. Available in 4 different categories: Classic, Premium, Exotic and Sugar Free. Flavours available Vanilla Mist, Beach Holiday; ButterScotch, Mango Moments, Chocolate Factory, Banarasi Paan, Coconut Frenzy, Hattrick (Fruity Nutty Punch); Sinful Chocolate Buddha's Fig, Turmeric Glow, Blueberry Nights, Hazelnut-n-Chocolate, Indian Wedding, Almond Coffee Fudge, Belgian Chocolate, Mountain Road; ChocoHeaven, Forest Bathing, Che Guevara. All of our products are Cholesterol Free, Dairy Free and Transfat Free.

We do same day delivery in Gurgaon. All of the WhiteCub flavours are yummy and delightful. We take all steps to assure hygiene and safety and thus provide high quality Ice Creams.

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