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India's very own DairyFree Icecream.

. 100% Cholesterol Free | 100% Trans Fat Free


 White Cub Frozen Desserts have been brought to the Indian market after a lot of research.

Research with a twist.Instead of focussing on presenting ‘old wine in new bottle’ , our R& D cell took efforts in creating what the market truly needed .

Be it new. Be it challenging. Our R&D has been fully prepared to take on any challenge.

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Why White Cub?

White Cub Benefits-
1.It exposes us to a whole new concept of looking at foods .Eg., milk need not be always the dairy produce, rather may be made from interesting stuff like Almonds, Coconut,Soy. . .
2.It lets lactose intolerant people enjoy creamy ‘icecreams’, otherwise typically available as dairy milk –based.
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About US

We are a registered Company, COMPASSIONATE CHOICES PVT.LTD.

We have dedicated ourselves to creating healthy and environment -friendly  frozen desserts.

We have incorporated the best of our ancient Indian health systems’ wisdom with the latest breakthroughs in the field of diet and nutrition.

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