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Protein Bar Combo Pack II

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  1. Breakfast Bar (Pack of 1) - Key Ingredients:- Date(30%), Pea Protein Powder(26%), Craberry+Blackberry(13%), Cashew(10%), Fig, Blueberry.
  2. Nutty Chocolate (Pack of 3) - Key Ingredients:- Cashew (36%), Date(20%), Pea Protein Powder(20%), Almond(12%), Peanut, Cocoa Powder.
  3. Millet Seeds Punch (Pack of 1) - Key Ingredients:Date (28%), Pea Protein Powder (25%), Pumkin Seeds(10%), Blueberry(18%), Strawberry(8%), Ragi(5%), Sunflower Seeds(5%), Cranberry(4%), Chia Seeds, Flaxseeds.

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