Golden age of Vegan Ice cream - Benefits of choosing non-dairy Ice creams.

Golden age of Vegan Ice cream - Benefits of choosing non-dairy Ice creams.

Whenever one wants to have a dessert Ice cream is the first thing that comes in their mind. It
the soul and satisfy those sweet cravings. This creamiest dessert comes in vast variety of flavours
and is
loved by everyone. But nowadays people are conscious about what they choose to eat as a snack
and try
to find healthier options to rely upon. Rather than health, environmental issues is an important topic
too. As people who pay their part to the nature try to bring new ideas to their lifestyle to save this
mother Earth. These aspects altogether gave birth to a healthier and environment friendly snack
“Vegan or Non-dairy Ice creams”
How Vegan Ice cream is a better option.
Non-dairy ice cream is a good option for those who are lactose intolerant and for those who choose
to be
a vegan. Dairy and non-dairy ice cream is same it’s just the ingredients are swapped and blended to
that exact same flavour and texture. In vegan ice cream healthier base ingredients are used like nuts,
milk, peanut, coconut milk, almond milk, cashew, oats and many other that contain good source of
nutrition which are non-animal produces and non-dairy. The options for vegan ice cream have
beyond the golden age of soy-based ice cream which was first introduced in 1899. Since then it is
evolved and various innovations with vegan ice cream have been made, many flavours and
are used to make healthy and delicious non-dairy ice cream recipes.
Benefits of choosing non-dairy over dairy.
 Cholesterol levels are low in non-dairy ice creams
When compared to dairy ice cream non-dairy stands first in the list in terms of health, as they are
low in
saturated fat levels and zero cholesterol. Animal products with saturated fats and cholesterol
contributes to heart diseases. The fat saturated level in dairy products when added with sugar
contributes to life threatening issues which is not the healthier option. Whereas non-dairy add more

fiber and protein contents to the ice cream which is good for functioning of the human body.
 Better option for lactose intolerant people
The human body uses an enzyme called lactose which is used to break down milk and some people’s
body produce inadequate amount of this enzyme and this condition is called lactose intolerance. The
symptoms include diarrhoea, abdominal pain and bloating. For people with this condition non-dairy
cream is a good option it’s easy to digest and will not leave any unpleasant symptoms on the body.
 Good for the environment.
Rearing and feeding cows produces a lot of waste and causes environmental damage. Massive
are used in feeding farm animals which lead to deforestation as land is required, fresh water is used
wasted and cows can produce a lot of smell which is unpleasant to the surroundings. Dairy animals
most dangerous effect on the environment which is greenhouse gas emission that plays a role in
warming. On the other side non-dairy ice cream leave no such harm to the environment and shows
commitment towards the environment.

 Contain fewer calories.
If you are looking to drop those few pounds then choosing non-dairy ice cream can be a good choice,
it adds less calorie to the diet and you can have a guilt free snacking.
It’s not the time of the 80s where only vegan ice cream was limited to soy based ice cream but have
vastly famous in the market and is available at the shelves of grocery stores and can be ordered at
door steps. A lot of variations and different flavors have been introduced by various brands which
really liked by people. If you want to have an ice cream but are afraid of gaining those calories and
worse effects which comes with it than Vegan Ice cream is the best guilt free option for you.
Want to enjoy guilt free Ice cream try non-dairy to satisfy your craving.