The First Step to a Better Life: Veganism

The First Step to a Better Life: Veganism

Every human is born helpless; we are nurtured by the wonderful world around us that provides us with everything we need to grow. Nature not only provides food, air, and water but also acts as an outlet for human creativity and invention. As a race, all our actions have had a profound impact on nature. We have harvested this earth for our needs and destroyed and polluted it for our desires. Nature and man are bound in this cycle of coexistence, and one cannot do without the other.

As humans, we have a great responsibility to the environment. To use it, to help it, and to safeguard it. Over the years, we have incurred great and continuous damage to our planet, be it through industrial animal farming or drilling for petroleum. Human greed and materialistic desires have caused so much damage to our environment that urgent action needs to be taken.

Our society is so focused on fulfilling these desires that our lifestyles are born of harm. Everything is achieved by the destruction of something else, and this damage remains unseen and goes unnoticed. A new pair of jeans is more than just a weekend purchase. It fuels international forces of demand that lead to cotton monocropping, which, due to the extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides, causes terrible soil pollution. To get what we want, we are harming our own environment, and we all need to open our eyes to that truth.

We need a solution that creates a win-win situation. To help fulfill our needs without any harm done to anyone or anything else. We need to learn to look at the world around us not as a resource meant to be used for personal and selfish gain. We need to give back to the world; we have a responsibility to protect it.

And the first step to true and permanent peace is becoming vegan. Veganism is not just about not eating animal products like milk and honey. It is a lifestyle dictated by choices based on love. It indoctrinates a life that does not harm any person, animal, or the environment. Beyond the facts, the reasoning needs to be understood. Vegans do not eat dairy products because the process harms cows. The milk produced by cows is meant for their own calves, and dairy farms use artificial methods to increase milk production, which have many harmful effects on the cows.

WhiteCub Vegan Foods Brand started with the same vision. Compassion for the animal is the foundation of WhiteCub Vegan Foods. White is proud to say that since it has started it has impacted a lot of people. It has made the life of a vegan easy.

WhiteCub ice cream parlor and now at present it has 5 ice cream parlors. WhiteCub Vegan Foods brand is doing ice cream and non-ice cream products. WhiteCub ice cream and butter now has its presence in more than 150 retail stores. WhiteCub is not only doing ice creams but they are also doing non-ice cream products such as Dips, yogurts, curds and biscuits.

Veganism goes beyond food choices and revolutionises thought by making you feel more deeply about the consequences of your decisions and how they impact the world. It revolves around trying to find a better way of living without causing any harm. It allows people to be aware of things that are often left out of the main picture, and it allows them to change those things to help themselves and the environment.

Being vegan allows you to be more perceptive to nature and helps you make kinder choices. It goes far beyond not killing chickens for their meat, it allows the person to become more conscious about other problems like organic menstrual products and rainwater harvesting. We need more people to look at the world with this same perspective of kindness and responsibility in order to create a better world.

Veganism is not only a healthier choice for every individual but also a healthier choice for the environment. This is the first step that each of us needs to understand, and only then will we be able to see the reality of the world and the great harm that our little, thoughtless actions cause it every single minute.

The transition to veganism can be challenging since we have been conditioned to think in a certain way since we were born. Many of us have grown up believing that ‘desi ghee’ is the healthiest and that the world around us is meant for our personal satisfaction. The only way to break free of this conditioning is to first understand it and start with small steps. More vegan alternatives and products have entered global and Indian markets, enabling us to transition easily. White Cub also has been at the forefront of this movement. Every small action, as small as using vegan milk in your tea, adds up to a better and kinder world for each of us. Take the first step and become a vegan, and then you will be able to help create a healthier world.