vegan ice cream brands in india vegan ice cream brands in india
vegan ice cream brands in india vegan ice cream brands in india
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Flavours You Can't Resist

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Hear It From Our Customers

This brand has the perfect Vegan substitutes for dairy products! They taste just as good, if not more, than the non-vegan products that we consume! I recommend that everyone tries them!

Devika Chaturvedi

I use peanut curd product frequently. This is a good product. So grateful.

Ruchi Singh

I had tried soy coconut curd it was very good in taste.

Rashmi Seth

Fruity Nutty Punch- Very delicious! The mixture of fruit slices and nuts blended with the plant milk imparts a unique taste and texture to the vegan dessert. Highly recommended!

Manoj Aravind

Perfect texture and taste! Loved it!

Madhur Patel

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Plant Based Frozen Desserts & Dairy Alternatives

Relish on creamiest of gelatos without any guilt. Explore our range of Dairy-Free and Plant Based Gelatos.