Green Dating: Enjoy Some Green-Friendly Peaceful, Fun & Yet Engaging Way Of Spending Time With Your Loved Ones In Delhi-NCR

Green Dating: Enjoy Some Green-Friendly Peaceful, Fun & Yet Engaging Way Of Spending Time With Your Loved Ones In Delhi-NCR

Green Dating is a new trend that emerged during the pandemic. Just like foreign countries, it is becoming popular in India as well.

Green dating defines where couples choose places like parks, green fields, or any area surrounded by greenery to be an ideal location for their first date. In green dating life, couples choose each other who value and prioritize environmental activism in their life.

Why Green dating is becoming popular?

According to data from the dating app “Bumble”, the badge “environmentalists” ranks as one of the highest interest badge profiles to choose from in India.

People are engaging in conversations about climate change and environmental issues over the dining table. Millennials are prone to discuss environmental issues, but GenZs are also actively participating in them.

People are making more value-driven dating decisions with an appreciation for spending time together by walking in the park or doing some outdoor activity.

People understand the importance of protecting the environment and if you get a partner who understands this, then it becomes easy to help each other grow in life. To impress their partners, people gift sustainable gift items like reusable coffee mugs, handmade jute bags, or indoor plants to make their dating life interesting and walk on the path of protecting the environment.

How to make your dating life interesting with “Green dating”?

  1. Go out for a picnic

Going out has always been fun. And it can be a sure-sure way to impress your environment-conscious date by spending quality time with them. Surprise your date with an outdoor picnic. Relax and enjoy and make it memorable.

  1. Do gardening together

What could be the best place for a green date than your garden? Indulging in some gardening activities will surely help you come closer to your date. Spend time discussing planting and watering plants. Strengthen your bond over favorite activities and make a conscious effort towards a greener environment.

  1. Go for a cycling date

Take your date on your favorite you always wanted to explore. What can be an ideal date planning other than going cycling? Instead of the usual stroll in the neighborhood, go for this on a chosen date and reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Go to sustainable real-date spots

Instead of going to cafes, restaurants, or any other place, go to sustainable, zero-waste places. Many restaurants produce a low impact on the environment without compromising the quality. Explore healthy vegetarian or vegan food and make your date special.

  1. Go for solo walks

If you want to strengthen your bond with your date, then ditch the phone and go for a solo walk. Spend some quality time, know about each other's likes and dislikes and improve communication and strengthen your bond.

  1. Gift an Eco-friendly item

If you wish to strengthen your dating life, gift something beautiful yet sustainable. An environmentally friendly gift will be the perfect item. You can also choose between a variety of indoor plants.

  1. Pottery classes

Pottery is known to have therapeutic qualities. It allows room for self-expression and encourages socializing. With all the benefits of self-love, imagine what a pottery session would do for a couple. It’s an opportunity to bond together and get to know each other by sharing each other’s creativity. You can make something for each other as a gift to use at home. Take your pick and make your date feel more romantic.

  1. Dance classes

A sustainable way of dating in a fun manner is not only limited to visiting cafes and restaurants. Why not indulge in some dance classes together and create a spark in your chemistry? Dance is a liberating experience with movements and music on a whole different and has the power to bring couples together. Take your partner to Salsa classes, and show your best moves because it's flirtatious and can inject some sensuality and romance into the relationship.

We have mentioned so many ways for you to spend quality time with your partner, but what is the fun there if you don’t share an ice cream together? Bring some extra flavor of sweetness to your date with WhiteCub vegan ice creams, available in both sugar and sugar-free options at your desired location in Delhi NCR & Gurugram.

Green Restaurants In Delhi-NCR that Bring You Closer To Nature

If you wish to take your first date for a nice meal surrounded by greeny leaves and pretty blooms, then try these delicious eateries in Delhi that give you the perfect ambiance to satisfy you and your date. Bookmark some of them for future reference!

  1. Triveni Terrace Cafe

A quite lesser-known cafe located in the heart of Delhi, it is simply charming and wonderful. Surrounded by lovely flowers and greenery all around makes it a perfect place to hang out with. Their beetroot halwa and Gajar ka halwa are something to try for sure.

Location: Triveni Terrace Cafe - 205, Tansen Marg, Opp. FICCI Auditorium, Todarmal Road Area, Mandi House

  1. Greenr Cafe

If you’re craving some healthy vegetarian and plant-based vegan delicious food, then Greenr is a go-to place for you and your date. The charm of lights and vibrant pastels. Their best-sellers include sweet potato, cassava chips, and falafel wrap. Best place in Delhi to hang out and adore the casual vibe with vibrant ambiance.

Location: Greenr - 32nd Avenue, Sector 15 Part 2, Sector 15, Gurugram

  1. Andaz Delhi

A super comfortable vibe in a greener environment, its soul Pantry is the place to try your favorite delicious things. They boast plants on tables and their interior gives a calming vibe to enjoy. A fresh and warm inviting atmosphere to enjoy with your date and try the best cuisines ever.

Location: Soul Pantry, Gate 5, Andaz Delhi, Asset No. 1, Northern Access Road, Aerocity

  1. Diggin Cafe

A perfect cafe for lovers of nature. Wonderful ambiance to give you the feeling of paradise. They serve you lip-smacking food where your date would like to come again and again. The rustic brick and beautiful lights surrounding males it more appealing to have a meal in a peaceful environment. Their theme of ballon with cute potted plants offers a delightful vibe. Their Zucchini Fries, Bacon & Onion Pizza, and Belgium Chocolate Shake is the perfect meal to have on a date.

Location: Diggin- No. 1 & 2 Anand Lok Shopping Centre, Opp. Gargi College, Anand Lok The Potbelly

  1. Olive

The European-style cafe situated in Mehrauli serves a variety of cuisines. The cafe serves Italian and European dishes. Their courtyard is surrounded by tall trees to give you the feeling of being closer to the environment. Enjoy the ambiance and lovely outlook of the cafe and delicious food with your date.

Location: Olive - One Style Mile, 6-8, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli

Best Green Dating Parks To Enjoy

  • Deer Park, Hauz Khas Village
  • Delhi Haat, INA
  • Garden Of Five Senses, Saidul Ajaib
  • Lodhi Garden, Khan Market
  • India Gate Complex
  • Parthasarathy Rocks, JNU
  • Aravali Biodiversity Park, Gurugram
  • Tau Devi Lal BioDiveristy Park, Gurugram
  • Butterfly Park, Gurugram

Best Cycling Hotspots In and Around Delhi

  • From Dhaula Kuan - Gyarah Murti
  • Sanjay Van
  • Gurgaon - Faridabad Road
  • Asola Bhardwaj Lake
  • India Gate - Rashtrapati Bhawan
  • Aravali Trails
  • Aravali Biodiversity Park

With green dating, find yourself the best partner. Go on dates, make healthy choices, work together towards climate change, Nature, and saving resources, and make your dating life more interesting. Enjoy your time together at home and order some dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream and yogurt from WhiteCub. Our Coconut yogurt dessert and Banarasi Paan, Oreo Valley, and Berry Nights ice creams are some of the best options to enjoy with your partner.