White Lions

White Lions

WhiteCub as a Brand started when our founder got inspired by the story of Linda Tucker and her efforts to save White Lions by forming “Global White Lions Protection Trust”.
She had the plan to start a vegan business in India, solely for the sake of Non Human animals, while looking for suitable name she came across story of White Lions.
WhiteCub even included a White Lion Cub picture in it’s logo. We have named ourselves ‘WhiteCub’ as a dedication to the cause of Linda Tucker. She has been involved in the protection of white cubs and their families, from the cruel practices of ‘canned hunting’, in East Africa for the past many years.

White lions play a very important role in ecology as they are Apex predators in ecosystem. They help restore the tropic balance throughout all the fauna. The majestic creatures who are regarded as king of the kings. It becomes important to save them. They are treasure to never lose in Africa and planet Earth.

During a time they were most suffered animals for trophy hunting in the Timbavati region and was technically extinct in 1990s. There came global white lion protection trust to protect them and restore their habitat in the heart of white lions homelands.White lions are the rare species as result of mutation. They are worshipped as someone scared from the local tribes.

White lions have faced nasty actions from humans. They are trophy hunted, removed from their habitat, captivated in zoos and used in circuses etc. Linda Tucker is warrior of White Lions. She actively promoted and campaigned against the human intervention to harm them.

White lions are Heritage to Earth, someone the balance of the wild rely upon.

The human nature of patriarchal domination haven’t even spared these beautiful beings. Saving White lions is paying respect to mother nature. An initiative for the harmony between humans and wildlife

White lions are of genetic rarety and they are of cultural importance as well as conservational important. White lions are known for their ethical leadership and hence are symbol of ethical leadership.

Their colour may be misunderstood as albinism however that’s not true there genetic code is somewhat different from lions. Misconceptions about White lions been unable to hunt makes them a vulnerable species. They have been referred as ‘starlions’ by Linda Tucker.

White Lions suffer because human leadership is flawed. According to African record keepers, the native place of white lions have been protected by African rulers for hundreds of years. Research done by Linda Tucker shows that white lions come from unesco’s Kruger canyon biosphere. Timbavati is the name of nature reserve for them it refers to to the place where white lions came down.

Khoisan Leadership has said “if you kill the lion, you kill Khoisan. If you kill White lions you kill South Africa”.

Earliest recorded sighting of white lions was in 1938 in Timbavati. White colour caused by a recessive trait called leuism.

Global white lion protection trust reintroduced white lions in wild when they were thought to be technically extinct.

Life began in Africa and speciation is in association with East Africa. Also known by the evolutionary scientistsas birth canal of human species. White Lions Heartlands is known as Tsau, which means star lions. African have considered white lions as holy and the bring peace and prosperity. Their cultural role is to restore hope and ecological role to restore health of the the wild.

When apex is restored the flourishing of all other species is ensured

We admire the work done by Linda Tucker and acknowledge how the balance of the wild depends on saving the Majestic White Lions. To read more about White Lions click here.

We hope the story moves you to take adequate steps for wildlife conservation. One of the major steps includes going vegan since animal agriculture is responsible for forest decline and wildlife extinction.