How to keep gut health happy and healthy?

How to keep gut health happy and healthy?

On a Thursday morning of July 13th, 2022, when the roads were filled with monsoon rain that offered relief from the heat, I had a chance to meet Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal in the city of Gurgaon.

The day began with me driving my car, trying to locate her clinic’s address through GPS. But the GPS proved to be a heartbreaker for me.

I tried reaching her cell, but she had forgotten her cell at her place. Hence, I couldn’t connect with her.

Somehow, I reached her clinic on time, and by that time, she had managed to get her cell phone from her home as well.

Our meeting started engagingly by talking about the weather conditions in Gurgaon.

She was cheerful, highly spirited, and a positive person. It made me instantly connect with her. She had a charming personality and was knowledgeable in her area of expertise.

After having a little chit-chat with her, we started to talk about our qualifications, our goals in life, and what makes us choose the careers we have.

I got to know a lot about her. Let me tell you more in brief.

Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal is a master in Gut Health Issues. She is a trained MBBS doctor and has done a course on “Functional Medicine” from the U.S., followed by MBA from a recognized university.

After her MBA, she worked majorly in the hospitals and healthcare sector at the management level. After that, she was a part of BLCC for a very long period.

During her time in the hospitals, she developed a keen interest in Holistic Development. Post-MBA, she completely went for it.

She observed the treatment style of hospitals and realized how patients are given medicines but not healed properly. At that moment, she knew what she wanted to do.

Her motivation to help people get proper healing led her to pursue a 3-year fundamental course on “Functional Medicine” from the U.S.

When she returned to India, she started her clinic to advise people about the importance of gut health, how to improve their gut health, and get proper healing from inside.

When I asked her more about gut health, she said, “All the problems we face in our day-to-day lives are associated with gut health. If you keep your gut healthy, then you feel healthy.”

Her words, not mine!

She is very well-versed in healing one’s body. Her advice includes a change in diet with a combination of therapies according to the needs of the patients.

I asked about her inspiration behind starting her own Instagram page and sharing information in the public domain.

In her answer to my question, she said that no one is providing the right information backed by research and knowledge. According to her, fewer people provide correct information on Holistic Development.

And that’s why she started sharing her knowledge to help people know more about their gut health. On her IG handle @drpritinandasibal, she talks about Colon Hydrotherapy, Detoxification, Menopause, and a Healthy Gut.

She shares her knowledge from real-life experiences with her patients and tries to help people make healthy choices.

While talking to her, I shared my journey of launching WhiteCub, and the motivation behind it. I had taken Whitecub unrefined sugar and stevia-sweetened ice creams, Peanut Masala Buttermylk, and Sugar-free (stevia sweetened) Kesariya Lassi with me.

I was very excited about her trying out our products. And, guess what? She had the same expressions I had expected. She liked the flavors of our products and said that our products have the same taste as dairy.

She told me that our products are worthy enough to be recommended to her patients. According to her, our products are the best choice for anyone looking for dairy alternatives.

However, she also describes how all of her choices are not necessarily vegan-friendly.

Whenever she senses the occurrence of dairy allergy or intolerance in her patient's diets, she advises them to go and quit dairy. She advises her patients to quit dairy and adopt a plant-based diet based on symptoms, not assumptions.

She also advises eliminating dairy if they are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk-based food items.

Finally, I can say that I had a lovely time chatting with her about these topics because usually, we focus on our outer organs, such as eyes, skin, hair, etc., and not on our gut health which helps us perform the day-to-day activities.

Having said that, if you also want to take advice about your gut health and get proper healing, you can book an appointment by calling her at 9868478149 or you can mail her at