In conversation with Naturopath and Author of “Milk – A Silent Killer” Dr. N.K. Sharma

In conversation with Naturopath and Author of “Milk – A Silent Killer” Dr. N.K. Sharma

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to talk with Dr. N.K. Sharma. He is a world-renowned naturopath and a pioneer in Reiki Healing Therapy.

He is the founder-chairman of the Reiki Healing Foundation which is the world’s largest organization in the field of Reiki Healing & Mystic Science. He also started India’s first magazine “Wonders of Reiki”.

He is also the recipient of various prestigious awards like Bharat Nirman, Rajdhani Ratan, and the New York Doctor of Divinity Awards.

His workshops have revolutionized the way many people eat, think, and live their life. The attendees of his workshops have often felt empowerment in the body, mind, and soul and have got themselves liberated from many incurable diseases .

He typically takes his patients on the path of self-healing and self-awareness to cure any disease without medicines to become healthy and get ultimate bliss from life.

Dr. N.K. Says –

Saints may say life is worthless,

But, worthy is to live life.

Almighty is not crazy, my friends,

That he builds and calls it futile.

Dr. N.K. Sharma is the only naturopath in the world, who has worked with more than 14000 cancer patients up to date. He believes that diseases arise out of sheer ignorance and an unhealthy lifestyle. According to him, our body is not designed to fall sick.

But his phenomenal contribution to society doesn’t end here. Apart from being a naturopath and a Reiki Grandmaster, he is also an author, musician, and poet. He has written several books till now. And his books have also been translated into several foreign languages.

Talking about books, I asked him about his inspiration and thoughts behind writing “Milk: A Silent Killer” which highlights the topics like veganism, animal cruelty, and milk not being an essential part of our diet.

In the book, he mentioned that the book contains factual research and evidence on milk products not being good for our bodies. According to him, the dairy product is an unnecessary addition to the diet. Our body lacks a mechanism to absorb pure sugar and it has to go through tremendous strains to digest fats, starch, and sugar.

The human body stops making milk-spitting enzymes (lactose) after three to ten years of age of the child. After that, they can’t consume sugar, hence becoming lactose intolerant. He says that a person should eat according to his digestive system which will not let him suffer from any problems.

He also mentioned the inhuman behavior of the dairy industry towards animals and how cows are injected with Oxytocins and other hormones to produce milk.

He highlighted the fact that not all milk is created for everyone. Just like human mothers use their milk to provide nutrients to their children for growth, cow’s milk is also for her calves which contains several nutrients for the growth of their babies. And nobody needs extra milk for extra growth hormone.

He talked about the emerging trends of combining milk with other food items among youth. Food items like cheese pizzas, curd rice, and cheese dosa are the worst combination for our health.

He said that our body is made to secrete juice to absorb one food at a time and absorbing milk is not among them. Different juices are secreted for different food items. And this is the reason why milk products don’t get easily digested. This is the reason why kids might throw up the cheeseburger, ice cream, or flavored milk instantly.

He also talked about going dairy-free as the ultimate solution to the problems associated with milk consumption. According to him, milk is the cause of all the miseries, and removing milk from your diet can help one become more healthy and live a disease-free life.

Till now,Dr NK Sharma and his team have helped more than 8000 people cure themselves with a Natural diet without any medication.

His healing center is located in Pitampura, Delhi. To know more details, you can check their website or you can also call them at 9811179047.